About Us

What is Gradesmatch ?

Gradesmatch is an innovative system that is designed to enhance the way in which high school learners interact with career information, higher learning institutions, and bursars in South Africa. At the same time helping teachers to provide guidance and monitor learners performance in relation to learners’ desired career paths.

Our goal is to assist :

  • High School learners to MATCH their GRADES to opportunities for further Education
  • Corporates to manage mentor and mentee relationships for CSI initiatives
  • Non-profit organisations to manage learner performances
  • Tutoring and assessment companies to advertise their services, directly to learners
  • Parents to plan ahead for their children career path

Gradesmatch is an Education Technology company, that was started by 3 directors in 2012. The directors have experience in Investment Banking (Barclays Africa Group & SYH Investments), Education (Inspire Foundation Group Africa) and Technology (Accenture). The vision of Gradesamatch is to be a leading research and innovation company in Africa; researching and creating innovative solutions to real challenges faced by the continent.

  • Ventureburn Start-up Winner
  • SAB Social Innovation Awards Runner Up
  • SOMAFCO LIM Start-up Winner

- Steering the future of the nation towards achieving their potential -