As the learners' mobile system of choice, this is what you get on Gradesmatch :

Brand Management/

Brand Reach – Gradesmatch allows employers to expose their brand to post-millennials in a seamless and natural way (from Gr 8 – 12). Brand Engagement – A platform for employers to engage and inspire potential talent Brand Perception – A platform to measure your brand equity with post-millennials

Talent Management/

Mentoring / Coaching – Gradesmatch provides the tools for employers to manage the acquired talent prior to them joining the organisation. As well enabling mentoring relationships to exist with current employees Monitoring and Evaluation - The platform monitors the performance of the talent through out the investment period (i.e. bursary time)

Talent acquisition/

Talent Sourcing – Gradesmatch allows employers to source potential candidates based on their criteria Talent Matching – The platform automictically matches talent that meet the set criteria

  • Leading Telecoms company

    The organisation urgently needed talent who where Black and female with a distinction in Mathematics and accepted to study towards Engineering, Accounting or Science degree. Through our matching technologies, we provided the candidates to the organisation within 30 minutes and now they are part of the organisations' bursary scheme. The candicates are currently at UCT, Wits and the UNW respectively.

  • Top 4 Accounting firm

    The company was interested in learners from specific rural areas, with 3 distinctions and an interest in Charted Accountancy. Through our matching technologies, we provided the candidates (vetted) within 2 days.

  • National parastatal

    The parastatal was running a national mentoring program for high school learners and needed a platform to manage the performance as well enabling targeted mentoring with their employees. Gradesmatch proveded the organisation with its M&E solution, allowing for effective mentoring as well as targeted performance management.


Gradesmatch user stats


30 000+ learners


15+ average minutes spent by users on the platform


200 000+ learner interactions per year